Special Programs


Most senior animals are dearly loved members of your family. Following sunbeams around the house during the afternoon hours, curling up on a favorite spot on the couch — these are the golden years. These are the moments you cherish.

Too many senior animals aren’t this lucky. Sometimes their human families can no longer afford to keep them, or have even passed away. Other senior animals are abandoned because they are old. Whatever the reason these animals wind up at a crowded, noisy and scary shelter, they don’t deserve to be there.

Many rescue organizations overlook senior animals because they aren’t as “adoptable” as younger animals. They can also need expensive veterinary care. Despite these potential challenges, we believe senior pets deserve second chances, too. Senior pets can often be among the most gentle, sweet, and soulful animals you will meet. We have created our Elder Paws program to specifically highlight senior pet adoption and give these gentle souls a second chance.