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Help Save Etta’s 11 Puppies

Urgent help needed! Five of Etta’s puppies are hospitalized and fighting for their lives.

Etta was found as a stray in rural Texas and wound up at animal control. Being a very pregnant pit bull mix, she was quickly placed on the euthanasia list. She is a very sweet girl, so some shelter volunteers contacted Twin Cities Pet Rescue to take her in and save not only her life, but the lives of all of her puppies as well.

Momma Etta arrived to TCPR on Mother’s Day (May 8). She settled in to her foster home and quickly stole the hearts of many TCPR volunteers. She went into labor on May 20. Etta is very young, under a year old, so this is likely her first litter (and last litter as she will be spayed once the puppies are weaned). Etta had a tough labor and gave birth to 13 beautiful puppies. One puppy was stillborn. 

As a young, first time momma, Etta is struggling with such a large litter. On top of that Etta and some of her puppies have what is likely an intestinal virus. Five of Etta’s puppies are now hospitalized and fighting for their lives. We lost one puppy, Tiny Tim, but are fighting our hardest for all the others. Their veterinary bills are really adding up. We need your support to help cover their veterinary costs. Please help us help them have a chance to live. Donate Today.